Dafabet is one of the leading online gaming and betting brands worldwide. With an increasing number of websites seeking to scam unsuspecting customers, Dafabet has created this page to aid players into spotting a real Dafabet website.

For further details on why you should not bet on a fake website, please visit the Dafabet Official page.

Learn how to differentiate a real Dafabet website from a fake one

To ensure that a website is a Dafabet-owned website, all of the things below must be present:

  • Security Feature

When accessing real Dafabet websites, just look for the green padlock beside URL [more details]

  • Multiple Territories Available

Dafabet is available in multiple languages, and has multiple email addresses, and International Toll-Free Numbers [more details]

  • High Quality Images

Dafabet ensures to provide the best player experience by providing high-quality images [more details]​

  • Redirects to Dafabet Website

All real Dafabet logo or any other images should always redirect to a Dafabet website with all the features above [more details]

  • Dafabet Does Not Authorize Its Competitors

Dafabet is not authorizing any of its competitors to operate anywhere on its behalf [more details]